Have you ever wondered why you can’t move forward or reach the goals that you have set out to accomplish? We have all have had issues or traumatic events occur in our life that may have molded our perception consciously and subconsciously, these events can consume us and cause negative emotions and reactions in our everyday life and daily decisions, which can hinder personal growth.

Inner peace is key to personal growth. Once you accept all of the negative events that have occurred in your life and stop using them as a crutch or an excuse, you will prosper! The key to finding inner peace is taking the negative that has occurred or is occurring in your life and making them your motivation and testimony to a successful, peaceful and satisfying life.
It is very easy to become consumed in why things aren’t going our way, what people have done to us in the past, and resentment however; it is much easier to accept that these events have taken place in our life to see if we will conquer them or become consumed by them. Accept what is or has been it will make for a better future. Accept that you must make a change to see a change. Accept that people will be people and you can only change you. Accept that what you put in is what you will always get out. Once you have accepted your past you will be mentally stronger and prepared to take action on what needs to happen for you today.


Castor Oil


My edges went on a long term vacation after I Ignorantly glued tracks on my edges! Do not judge me. I was totally ignorant when it came to maintaining my hair and ripped my edges and hair out! I have literally tried every hair growth product out there and none of it worked for my hair type and I never saw any results. Thank God for my cousin because she introduced me to castor oil and my edges have done a complete 360!

Castor oil comes from the beans of a castor oil plant, these plants are originally from India. Castor oil is very high in Omega fatty 9 acids which really assists in nurturing the actual hair, follicle and the skin surrounding the area in which you apply it to. Castor oil has multiple uses, it can also be used to promote hair growth for eye lashes and eye brows! This oil works miracles!

My skin is severely dry and I also have eczema! Before I started using this product my edges were extremely dry, short, and brittle. I applied the oil directly to my scalp once every two days because it is very thick! Some people prefer to mix it with olive oil however; I saw faster results using it pure! My hair is softer, thicker and longer! I will post pictures once I reach my goal but I love this product! You may want to use castor oil while wearing braids because it is extremely greasy!

Habits You Should Not Break!

  • AVOID FALLING ASLEEP WITH MAKE-UP ON. I know I know, you’re too tired or not so sober enough but ladies, it is detrimental that you remove your makeup every night!Make-up clogs pores when left on for  long periods of time and during the day we accumulate tons of bacteria and dirt on our face,so if you want to prevent waking up with a party on your face you should make sure you wash your make-up off every night. Wearing make-up to bed can cause your skin to appear uneven and show early signs of aging. My favorite product to use to remove make-up and as a daily cleanser is Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product it is soap and oil free and it  gently removes all make-up, even waterproof mascara! I must admit ladies some nights are rough so if you’re too worn out or rushing to bed, use the Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes they do the trick also just make sure you wash your face when you wake up!

    2.BRUSH YOUR TEETH EVERY NIGHT! Morning breath smells terrible however; it can be horrifying if you forget to brush your teeth at night. Brushing before bed prevents plaque and build up from occurring.The bacteria in our mouth never sleeps after a long day of eating and drinking the amount of bacteria in our mouth doubles therefore; it is important to brush at night.Another great habit to form is taking your toothbrush and gently rubbing it against your lips in circles to exfoliate them. This will help keep your lips smoother than butter.

    3.Wash your pillow cases every chance you get. Washing your pillow cases often is a great way to avoid break outs and irritation. During the week days if I wash an extra load of clothes I usually toss my pillow cases in the washer and wash them an additional time on sunday. If you wear a scarf to bed, make sure that you are washing it as frequent as often because we accumulate sweat during the day and we put products in our hair.

    4. AVOID CHECKING YOUR PHONE AT NIGHT! I am very guilty of this! Your cellphone has been around the world and back, when you wear make up you talk on it, at work, eating, and when you leave the gym so avoid talking on it at night. I try to use headphones to get around it!!

    These are tips to help prevent breakouts and simple little rules of hygiene!

  • Style You Goddess Boutique!


    I had the pleasure of catching up with the AMAZING owners of Style You Goddess boutique, Sharnae and Tashae Williams who were in Atlanta this weekend to promote their new boutique.They are fraternal twins with hustler mentalities like no other, which is what motivated me to interview these exceptional young ladies. I must say that the boutique has a variety of fashionable pieces for a very affordable price! I can’t wait to shop!

    (Q)What inspired you ladies to launch this boutique?
    Tashae: Growing up we have always had our own little businesses, like during the summer we would sell icees to all the kids in the neighborhood. When it was time to go back to school, we remember selling candy to all of our friends, so growing up we collectively always knew we were going to have a business of our own.
    Sharnae: For a while we were lost in the mix of working for other people.We were unsure of what we wanted to do or what business to invest in but fashion became our lives, pride and joy so together we concluded that we were both business orriented and passionate about CLOTHES ! We started to think of all these crazy cool ideas of what we would do with our business and how we would start a boutique! From that point we just kept planning our dream and it became a reality!

    (Q) What kind of women are you ladies aiming to style and age? Sharnae:Right now ALL WOMEN in general who are around our ages 18-30, Ladies who like to get cute and put on something tight right before they walk out of the door! We see our boutique branching out more into different areas of fashion like menswear and maybe even something for the kids!

    (Q) What is the pricing range for your merchandise?
    Tashae: Our clothes are very affordable, We don’t think we would ever sell high priced peices unless we actually made custom pieces ourselves. The prices start at as low as $18.99!

    (Q) Which piece is your all time favorite?
    Sharnae: I have to say, the “Black Body Con” I wore on our birthday because it shows off all the right curves and fits like a glove besides, what girl doesn’t like a little black dress?!
    Tashae: We haven’t launched our swimwear yet but I’m pretty excited, I LOVE all of our swimwear! The spring and summer is creeping up on us and it’s always important to have a ton of sexy swimsuits!

    (Q)How fast is the shipping, Do you ship everywhere?Sharnae: Shipping is EXTREMELY FAST! 3-7 business days typically but we do offer faster shipping to customers who need it faster. We are currently only shipping in the USA & Canada but if you are located outside of those areas, stay tuned because we are working on it!

    (Q) Are the pieces true to size?
    Tashae: yes ! All of our dresses will hug every single curve even if you thought you didn’t have any or forgot you did! Our pieces compliment all body shapes!

    (Q) What should we be looking forward to from this boutique?
    Sharnae: A ton of different styles and dresses we love surprising our goddesses with different looks, spring break is coming so look forward to seeing our goddess swimwear 🙂



    STYLE YOU BOUTIQUE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Shop Now! These two ladies promise to deliver AMAZING customer service and product. Get the perfect outfit for that very special occasion or any occasion for that matter! You can find great and quality merchandise  for an affordable price! Don’t miss out!

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    IG: @styleyou_agoddessboutique

    Conquering Depression

    Beating depression is far from easy, it literally takes one day at a time. After I learned that the walks helped, I walked every chance I could. The combination of fresh air and sunlight against my skin made me feel soo alive, in a sense it reminded me that life was going on around me and that the world would continue to spin no matter what I was going through therefore; I had to overcome this state of being. As I said before you have to beat depression day by day. Thankfully, my sister is a very consistent person I mean like very consistent, every day she would call me and I couldn’t blow her off. She played a major role also in me beating depression. She made me come out of my shell by calling everyday single day which always put me in a better mood eventually I started reaching back out to friends. Friends were a little bit more difficult because I avoided them for soo long they developed the “fuck you mindstate.” I couldn’t blame them but I started forcing myself to go out even if I didn’t want to, when I went out I always enjoyed myself which drove me to start going out until I was my regular self again. Not all days were good but keeping a positive outlook & faith made the situation better. Great company, fresh air, laughter, and faith makes a huge difference in life. Sometimes we allow our situations and material things to consume us and it causes us to worry but we shouldn’t ever let any situation get the best of us because it’s only temporary. If you ever become depressed step back, take a breath and relax.


    Depression is the ultimate bitch, it’s like an annoying guest who over stays their welcome. If you are unfamiliar with depression it is described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or worthless. At some point of our lives most of us may feel this way.
    Unfortunately, depression can really happen and I was severely depressed the last couple of months. This was a very dark time in my life. I lost total interest in things that I usually enjoyed and I avoided EVERYONE & ANYTHING. Friends and family would call and I would just let the phone ring, I would not answer because I was soaking in my own misery besides, I had nothing positive to share anyways and I was not in a positive state of mind to hear any of their good or bad news. Honestly, I felt as if I had fell into a very deep and dark hole that was taking a very long time to crawl out of. Being depressed always made me feel restless but the ironic thing is I was not active at all the only thing I wanted to do was sit around. Depression also changed my appetite I was never in the mood to eat, I am way too small to miss a meal. This caused me to be unhappy about my appearance, I had lost soo much weight I definitely did not want to go out because I was not confident! I was missing all of the action, I did not even want to have sex with my boyfriend it was TERRIBLE. I had to beat this depression it ate me alive and I was very consumed in it. My boyfriend did not know what was wrong with me but he always tried to keep me happy or drag me out of the house. One day I was extremely down and out after work, (I am assuming that he could read it all over my face) when I walked in he gave me a strong and loving hug and re assured me that whatever I was going through it would soon be over and he took me for a walk. During the walk he let me vent and It dawned on me that I was severely depressed. I  do not think my boyfriend was aware of how much that walk helped me make my first step to beating depression.


    Unconditional Love

    Yes, unconditional love does exist unfortunately, people misconstrue the difference between relationships and unconditional love . It is very seldom to find a companion who loves you beyond your flaws and past especially at the rate that our love lives are going this generation. It is not difficult to be in a “relationship”, because relationships are based upon conditions versus unconditional love. Unconditional love, can be beautiful if you and your partner equally share the same feelings; unconditional love involves loving another person with out boundaries and judgement. Don’t misunderstand me it is completely unhealthy for you to tie your partner down or vice verse but you must make sure there is an understanding and no double standards. In my past, I found myself in pointless relationships because I thought I could “Fix” men or make them my project, which we all know never goes right! You can not fix your partner you must accept their flaws or compromise.It’s extremely easy to regret a guy, some are just “those guys” who happen to only serve a couple of purposes but in all reality they should not made it unto a date!  If you’re over 21 I am speaking to you, we have all looked back and have regretted “that guy.” In life or in love no one is perfect we are all beautifully flawed but we must find someone who we can love and build with despite some of our differences. Love does not happen over night; it consists of healthy communication, friendship, and monogamy. I love my relationship because my partner balances me out. Ladies, you deserve nothing but the best, stop settling for what may seem like love let it find you it works out better. There are still great man on planet earth they may not come wrapped in glitter but remember what glitters is not always gold. Find an upstanding, honest and loyal guy who is worth the ride.


    Trust is so easy to lose but extremely hard to gain. The greatest quote used to describe trust was quoted by Pop Singer Lady Gaga she said, “Trust is like a mirror you can fix it if it’s broke but you can still see the cracks in that mother fucker!” There is nothing more mind blogging than being unsure of a person’s intent. I guess it’s different when the lies make you feel soo good inside, hides the pain and reality of situations or comes from people who are the closest to you. A woman’s intuition is one of the strongest tools that we women possess but it’s very important that we trust it. Majority of the time we see through the lies and the intent of others we just choose avoid the truth and become led by lies even when the truth is right in front of us. Ladies, whatever vibe you’re feeling and questions you have that are left unanswered, most of the time we already have the answers. It is best to step back and analyze the situation or individual however; you must analyze based upon facts and not emotions. My theory has always been,If I am unsure of you and I keep you in my company that means I am unsure of myself and I never want to become unsure of who I am. Ladies, trust yourselves.

    Justin Bieber Loves The strippers!


    Everything is clearly wrong with this picture! Justin Bieber and his friend named Khalil Sharieff allegedly paid for a stripper to give them a live performance at a studio. I have herd that Bieber was having issues with the law but sheesh what has happened to him? This appears slightly homosexual to me because they were clearly a little too into this. Why didn’t they order multiple strippers?